• SeaLine S1 SOFT CUT & GLOSS – Polishing paste 0,5kg

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S1 SOFT CUT & GLOSS – Polishing paste thanks to its versatility can be used in industrial as well as DIY use. This is a perfect product for charter companies or private boat owners which have to restore gloss on different type of surfaces. The paste does not contain wax and silicone fillers.

Category: production, care and maintenance

Surface: gelcoat in light and dark colors, varnishes and surface paints, plexi, polycarbonates,

Polishing pads: sheep wool, lamb wool, polishing sponges

Polishing: manual, rotary machine, orbital machine

Advantages: multiplicity of use, no polishing defects remains on the surface, easy to use, effectiveness




Surface gelcoat, polyurethane paints nad varnishes, plexi, polycarbonate
Function removing defects from the surface


gloss restoring

Consistency liquid – creame paste
UV resistance level very low
Surface preparation * mechanical grinding manual grinding
light color dark color light color dark color
gelcoat P1200 ⇒ P1500 ⇒ P1500 ⇒ P2000 ⇒
polyurethane paint P1200 ⇒ P1500 ⇒ P1500 ⇒ P2000 ⇒
plexi, polycarbonate P2000 ⇒ P2000 ⇒ P2000 ⇒ P2000 ⇒
high hardness surfaces P1500 ⇒ P2000 ⇒ P2000 ⇒ P2000 ⇒