• ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 EVO engine

The Symbol : SE-1111-L0

SE-1111-S0 SE-1111-L0

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The ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Evo is a portable electric outboard motor with a power of 3 HP designed for pontoons, fishing boats, and sailboats. It features a large integrated lithium battery of 1276 Wh providing extensive range. The hydrogeneration function is perfect for sustainable sailing. The wrist strap ensures safety in case of MOB (Man Overboard).


The Spirit 1.0 Evo is the world's first electric outboard motor with hydrogeneration. ePropulsion is a pioneer in electric outboard motor innovation and is committed to sustainable sailing.


At the heart of the electric outboard motor Spirit 1.0 Evo is a 1 kW BLDC motor, equivalent to 3 HP.


Power (W) Speed (mph / kph) Time (hh:mm) Range (mile / km)

35 2.2 / 3.5 36:25 80 / 129

65 2.7 / 4.3 19:35 53 / 85.3

125 3.5 / 5.6 10:00 35 / 56

250 4.4 / 7.1 5:00 22 / 35.5

500 5.3 / 8.5 2:30 13.3 / 21.3

750 5.7 / 9.2 1:40 9.5 / 15.3

1000 6.2 / 10 1:15 7.8 / 12.5

* Performance data is based on a 12-foot aluminum boat with one person and one Spirit Plus battery on calm lake water. Actual speed, range, and operating time may vary depending on boat, load, weather, etc.


The price of the Spirit 2.0 EVO kit includes:


Main part (short or long shaft optional)

Charger (for 1276Wh battery)

Tiller lock

Engine safety tether



Power supply options can be additionally selected according to personal preferences:


Compatible 1276Wh battery installed on top of the column

E60 3072Wh battery

E163 8345Wh battery

Foldable solar panel


All power supply options are available for purchase in our store!


In the Spirit 1.0 EVO model, you can also choose the control method (available at an additional cost):


Tiller control

Top throttle control (Throttle + display)

Side throttle control


All control methods are available for purchase in our store!


Before making a purchase, we encourage you to consult and configure the appropriate kit. Sometimes additional accessories or longer cables are necessary. Our team will prepare the right offer for you, taking into account all the necessary parts.

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