• Forsheda mooring compensator EPDM 22-24mm black

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FORSHEDA shock absorbers are made of EPDM rubber, a material with excellent resistance to sunlight, saltwater, and ozone. EPDM rubber does not fade.

The line is simply passed through patented nylon clips at each end; no additional knots are needed. A simple but secure method, as the greater the tension on the line, the better the clips hold.

The length of extension of the FORSHEDA rubber shock absorber can be adjusted to local conditions:

  1. 1 coil of the line around the shock absorber in calm waters without splashing and swelling. Limited boat movement, minimal damping.

  2. 2 coils of the line around the shock absorber with a light tide and in tidal waters.

  3. 3 coils of the line around the shock absorber on open and unprotected moorings. Significant boat movement, strong damping.

For line diameter 22-24 mm

Every mooring line should be equipped with a FORSHEDA shock absorber

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